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Learn to Play Irish Fiddle


5/5 stars

This is it !!!!!!!!!!!
At last ! a book that I can really relate to. Excellent course showing the fundamentals graduating to the more complex, I'm going to do it now, after buying just about every other book on the market and falling short , this is the business. I'm really excited and can't emphasise how excellent this book is, and you do not need any prior knowledge of anything, reading music, how to hold fiddle / bow etc. Ole timey - October 2015


5/5 stars

Excellent Guide Book
I bought this book as I needed one that would build up my playing skills bit by bit. I have 'Irish Music for Fiddle Made Easy' from the same range but that one just has the music and although I have had lessons I still needed a few tips on music reading and the ways of the fiddle! Learn to Play Irish Fiddle has really accomplished this and is a great book for beginners - I think I could have taught myself the basics using this book if I hadn't had lessons! Freya - October 2013


4/5 stars

Must-have for anyone keen to get into Irish fiddling.
This is an excellent introduction to Irish fiddle music. Techniques are clearly explained in considerable detail, and the CDs are a great help - tempos are nicely judged, so that the pieces are easy to play along to.The tunes selected to illustrate certain embellishments and bowing tricks are good examples of Irish music at its best, and all are well worth learning, as they are part of the standard session repertoire.
My only slight carp is that there are not enough tunes to get your teeth into in the final section, hence four rather than five stars. Amazon buyer - September 2013

5/5 stars

Great learning tool
This book with excellent CDs is very carefully graded - suitable even for those who do not read music. When I've finished it I intend to move on to Berthoud's second book.  Amazon buyer - May 2013


5/5 stars

Highly Recommended
A really excellent resource.
*I love the way the book assumes no prior knowledge of music or fiddle playing which makes it excellent for the complete beginner.
*I also like how the book is graduated in steps so you start from learning how to hold the instrument, basic music notation and fingering through to slurring, cuts, rolls and triplets. Each chapter is graded in this way with exercises to practice and traditional repertoire tunes, some of which the author has composed especially. Even those who aren't beginners can dip in and out for any ornamentation they are working on.
* The CD is great and comprehensive and most importantly at a pace so that you can play along with the tunes.
* The book is spiral bound which makes it easier for practice or on a music stand.

*This item took along time to come from Amazon. Amazon if you are reading this you really should make it more readily available. I don't want to resort to a second hand copy from marketplace sellers for great reference material such as this. Amazon buyer Romany Ravenflame - March 2013

5/5 stars

Well written and easy to follow for the complete beginner.
Format: Spiral-bound|Verified Purchase
I bought this book for my partner who wanted to learn to play the Irish fiddle. Although she plays the piano to quite a high level she has never tried the Irish fiddle until now.
The author starts by setting out the basics such as, holding the fiddle, tuning, tensioning the bow etc.
The lessons then move on to creating the basic notes and then to playing simple tunes moving slowly to more advanced tunes.
The book comes with 2 compact discs that accompany the lessons in the book.
I would say that this book is excellent for anybody wanting to learn to play the Irish fiddle. P. Ferbrache -  January 2013

5/5 stars

Great way to get into the tunes
If you were a complete beginner, the first few pages of this book will get you on your way. I'm not a beginner, but nowhere near proficient, and the combination of gentle progressive exercises (one finger tunes, two finger tunes), all in the irish mode have improved my playing considerably. there is an accompanying cd, which plays the tunes so you know how they are supposed to sound, as well as a useful tuning section so you know you are in tune. tunes are played through twice, the second time with an accompaniment.
Enjoying working my way through it.
Would recommend it as a great starting point for anyone who wants to take their fiddle and play in a session, as once the proper tunes kick in, they are all popular session tunes.  Amanda Lowe - October 2012

5/5 stars

Perfect for beginners who want to learn folk
As an absolute beginner interested in folk music I found this book perfect.
It has custom made little exercises tuned to folk lovers and builds up skills gradually.
I have not found any similar book for the self-taught beginner, it is superb!  Amazon buyer - September 2012

5/5 stars

Excellent book for the beginner!!
As a music teacher, I thoroughly recommend this book. It's clearly and unambiguously laid out, and the exercises and tunes are cleverly graded to easily guide a beginner through the rudiments of Irish fiddle playing. If you're prepared to stick at it, work through this book and you will get results!  
Andy Miller - January 2012

Irish Mandolin: A Complete Guide

5/5 stars

Very nice book, a lot of tunes and great teaching!!  Tonelli Adriano - May 2017

5/5 stars
Excellent for the beginner.  amazon buyer - May 2016

5/5 stars
Fantastic. Book takes you from absolute beginner to a level of real competence in no time at all. Well structured, easy to follow and a great play along CD. Highly recommend this book.  Gordon Marshall - May 2015

5/5 stars
Excellent book and CD starting with simple tunes and progressing to more difficult one with attention to the different types of Irish tunes and the technique to play them. Good for beginners and those with some experience and who want to improve their technique. amazon buyer - November 2014

5/5 stars
Having been raised on traditional irish music, and having worked my way through this book, it really is the only book out there that will take you from beginner to competent player, all the others are wasting your time and money (I know, because I wasted my time and money on them). I only wish he would bring out another book of complementary songs. If you are serious about wanting to play irish mandolin, look no further than this!  amazon buyer - April 2014


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