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Traditional Music of the British Isles for Electric Guitar

Ideal for the intermediate-level guitarist, these 17 traditional tunes from the UK plus one from France are arranged to be played with your electric guitar plugged-in. The transformation that occurs in switching from acoustic to electric instruments adds an unmistakable Celtic rock element to the author’s companion recording.

The tunes are all played twice through on the recording and transcribed note-for-note in the book. The recording features backup from both electric bass and a second electric guitar, often played with a slide and a little “dirt” thrown into the mix. Skillful bodhrán and djembe playing on many of the tracks adds to the dynamic nature of the recording.

Many of these tunes can be played in lower positions but a few venture as high as the 14th fret. Playing one note at a time within a narrow range, if you don’t read particularly well now, working through these tunes will help you improve and gain confidence as a sight reader.

Written in standard notation and guitar tablature. Includes access to online audio.

Learn to Play Irish Fiddle

  • Introduces the absolute beginner to the great traditional fiddle music of Ireland.

  • From the basics to playing traditional reels, jigs and other traditional tunes.

  • Techniques such as rolls, cuts, triplets and slides are gradually introduced.

  • All the tunes in the book (played at a slow tempo) available on the accompanying audio download available online 

  • NO NEED FOR ANY PRIOR MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE in order to use this book.

Irish Fiddle Playing - A Guide for the Serious Player – Vols 1 and 2

Continuing on from Learn to Play Irish Fiddle, these books deal with:

  • Improvisation

  • Personal interpretation

  • Developing your own style

  • Making tunes your own.

  • The "language" of traditional music

  • Posture

  • Effective Practice

  • Advanced left and right hand technique.

  • Playing with other musicians

  • Modes

  • Converting from classical to traditional

  • Improvising in songs

Each book also contains a selection of mostly well-known tunes, fully transcribed with variations, embellishments and ornaments. These tunes are all include on the accompanying online audio. The aim of the book is to allow the player to look more closely at their technique while also improving accuracy and speed. Audio download available online.

International Fiddle Method/International Mandolin Method

These books will teach you to play the fiddle or mandolin through inspiring traditional music from around the world, arranged specifically for the instrument. The earlier chapters are ideal for beginners and require no prior musical knowledge. The tunes become more involved as the book goes on - more experienced players can benefit from an exciting array of tunes and ideas. Includes access to online audio performed at manageable tempos.

Irish Mandolin Playing: A Complete Guide 

  • A complete guide for absolute beginner to advanced student

  • Contains a mine of information, useful tips and ideas for all standards of player.

  • The book takes the reader from the basics of the mandolin right through to more advanced topics such as creating variations, emphasis, improvisation, playing with other musicians, practicing effectively, modes and much more.

  • All tunes and key exercises in the book are included on the accompanying 63 track audio download available online. T

  • All music in standard notation and tab.

101 Tips (Mandolin, Guitar and Fiddle editions)

  • Handy, case-sized books - packed full of useful information and tips for players of any level.

  • Clear musical examples in standard notation (and tablature for mandolin and guitar editions), diagrams, photos and cartoons.

  • Topics covered include left/right hand technique, chords, practice, theory, traditional music, improvisation, posture, instrument care and accessories.

  • Ideal gift for any mandolin, guitar or fiddle player.

World Music Made Easy (Mandolin, Guitar and Fiddle editions)

  • Exciting and varied collection of 35 traditional tunes from Africa, North and South America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and Australia.

  • Specially arranged with the beginning/intermediate mandolinist/guitarist/fiddle player in mind.

  • All the tunes are written clearly in standard notation as well as tablature (for the mandolin and guitar editions).

  • Recordings of all tunes available on online audio downloads.

Irish Music Made Easy (Fiddle, Guitar and Mandolin editions)

  • Exciting collection of 29 traditional airs, songs, polkas, slip jigs, slides, double jigs, hornpipes and reels from Ireland, arranged by the author with the beginning/intermediate mandolin/fiddle/guitarist in mind.

  • All tunes are written clearly in standard notation (as well as tablature for mandolin and guitar).

  • Accompanying online audio contains all the tunes, played at a manageable speed, with guitar accompaniment.

  • Recordings of all tunes available on online audio downloads.

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