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The Guitarist's World: Easy to Intermediate Pieces for Classical or Fingerstyle Guitarists

An interesting and unusual collection of 11 guitar pieces for classical or fingerstyle players. Featuring 9 original pieces and two arrangements of traditional tunes (from the Isle of Man and Japan). All music/arrangements are by Phil Berthoud.

The music is presented in standard notation as well as guitar tablature (TAB), along with explanations of fingering and position changing.

Techniques covered include hammer-ons, changing positions, major and minor keys as well as other modes, melody + bass note playing, chord shapes, arpeggiated chords, melodic swapping between treble and bass, use of all left hand fingers, time signature changes, pieces in 4/4 3/4 and 6/8, dynamics, ritenuto

The list of pieces is:

  1. Ló szendvics - gentle, lilting 6/8 argeppios

  2. Sakura - timeless traditional Japanese song with delicate arrangment

  3. Falling Leaves - suggests the gentle falling of autumn leaves

  4. The Woad Dyer’s Process - a hint of the mediaeval in this melody in the dorian mode

  5. Building Bridges - descending bass line with arpeggios in a pop/folk ballad style

  6. Flitter Dance - traditional Isle of Man folk tune with bass string accompaniment

  7. Silver or Grey - melody in the bass notes with alternating treble string accompaniment

  8. Turkish Delight - a definite Middle-Eastern flavour to this tune

  9. Pomidory są Zabawne - chords, changes of position and time signature in this nostalgic melody

  10. Question and Answer - melodic swapping between treble and bass

  11. Plaza Mayor - Catchy little piece, reminiscent of Spanish music

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